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I’m super tired from an 8 mile run I did today with my BFF. We are making good progress but I still need to work on my breathing. I suck at breathing properly and get so winded that I have to take walk breaks to catch my breath. This is no good if I want to make my goal time of less than 2 and a half hours come race day. Any advice of this would be greatly appreciated.

Workout related, I’m excited to announce that I’m starting Beach Body’s Insanity program tomorrow! This is in addition to my half marathon training and derby. Nothing says insane quite like 60 days packed filled with CARDIO with a side of toddler who has found out how to take off his diaper.   Joy!  I do have good reasons to finally finish getting in shape however,  if I make my weight goals then I’m getting my first tattoo! I won’t go into too many details because where is the fun in that but I’ve always wanted one and now will be the perfect time. I go in for a consultation with the artist on Friday to go over my needs and wants and to book the actual session. He isn’t available until after Halloween which gives me plenty of time to run my marathon, complete Insanity and meet my goals. I hope I make myself proud and I hope this tattoo is enough to keep me motivated! Besides Chris and Wes of course!

Soon I’ll be a tatted mama which is completely crazy to think about because I feel so plain Jane all the time.  I feel like it might be refreshing. Do you have any tattoos? When did you get your first? Lemme know!

ps. if this is all gibberish I apologize.


  1. I have two tattoos and would love another — am thinking about getting something to commemorate my five-year anniversary of being cancer-free (coming up in February)! Depending on where you get it, it doesn’t hurt that bad. Good luck and I can’t wait to find out what you get!

    • I think that would be an awesome idea! Woohoo for being cancer free!

  2. i don’t have any tattoos, mostly because I don’t think there is anything I could pick that I wouldn’t want to change later in life. It’s awesome you have a goal to work towards though!

  3. 8 miles! holy cow thats crazy! and im way too much of a chicken to get a tattoo!

  4. Yay for tattooed mamas! I have lots of work, and after experiencing 2 natural births, they didn’t hurt at all! :P

  5. I thought about getting one in college but never did. And I am glad because now my body is totally different after the baby.

    Good luck on the new workout!

  6. I was always to nervous to get one. Not about the pain as much as I would change my mind about what I would get. It is so hard choosing something like that

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